Why do survival lessons seem more expensive?

Why do survival lessons seem more expensive?

Why do aquatic survival lessons seem more expensive than other swim programs?

Aquatic survival methods for babies and young children have been researched and developed for over 55 years. It i the safest swim program for infants and children. Your children will learn life saving skills that traditional lessons do not provide. If you are looking for a swim class that focuses on socialization and play rather than safety and survival, you might consider traditional swim lessons.

Here are a few distinct differences:

1. Aquatic survival teaches your children to SWIM and gives them a skill that could help save themselves in a water emergency. Many parents come to our program after spending hundreds of dollars on traditional programs and frustrated because their child doesn’t have any independent skills after month of lessons.

2. In aquatic survival lessons, your child will not depend on any kind of flotation device. Your child learns how to use their own buoyancy in the water and depend on their own independent skills while navigating the water.

3. You do not need to enroll your children into swim lessons summer after summer, year after year. We use sensory motor learning, so once they learn these skills, they don’t have to think about what to do, they rely on muscle memory. There is no graduating to the next skill level because they are already competent swimmers. Yearly refreshers are recommended to adjust your child’s skills to their rapidly growing body until they are 4 1/2.

4. At the end of the year of your child’s session, your child is guided through various scenarios to prepare them if they were ever to fall in the water unexpectedly or alone. They experience these scenarios in their normal swimwear and while fully clothed. The majority of drownings happen when the child wasn’t planning on swimming.

5. Every pediatric aquatic survival instructor undergoes eight weeks of intense training, hands on in the pool with an Master Instructor and students, learning the method, costing us the equivalent of a community college education. For 8 weeks, we are in the pool four times per week for several hours a day, for a minimum of 60 hours with ACTUAL students. In addition, we receive academic training in anatomy, physiology, child psychology, behavior and development, sensorimotor learning, and how each relates to the aquatic environment. Every instructor also maintains CPR and First Aid certifications.

Traditional swim instructors get a weekend certification in a classroom and usually do not consider this a career.

If you add up what you’d spend in a “traditional” swim program for a few weeks during the summer – where he/she leaves the class with little to no skills – and then multiply that by every summer until that child is 6 years old, this program costs significantly less and the value is infinitely greater.

We have family members contribute to a child’s swim lessons as a lifelong gift. Families will think little of spending hundreds of dollars on a birthday party or holiday gifts. Aquatic survival lessons will last a child’s lifetime.

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